Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A look at our last month

The last month has been fast and exciting for our family.  I, (Eric) quit my job on the 16th of June.  We leave today for Virginia where we will spend the next couple of months.  Over the previous four weeks we have enjoyed some much needed family time, spent time with lots of friends, and did a little vacation time.  Here are some pics from our crazy month!

We spent a week in Dallas, here are the kids at the pool

Late night dessert thanks to Uncle Brian(who doesn't have to deal with the sugar rush from a piece of carrot cake the size of their heads)

Lego Discovery was pretty cool

We went to a Rangers game, Creed was determined to get on the jumbo screen.  This is him taking off his shirt and dancing, he was convinced that would work, he was distraught when it didnt.  

Who wouldn't want a 16 pound jar of Nutella

We spent a week in the mountains in Ruidoso, much needed week of relaxation.

So good to be outside and in the mountains!

Drive-in Movie with the cousins.  Jamie and I decided we are getting too old for the double feature that ends at 1:30am.

Celebrating our country!  Great view of the fireworks from our apartment.

The kids and Jamie went with Jamie's mom to Carlsbad Caverns.  The loved it!

The kids with some of their cousins.

And this portion of our journey comes to an end.  It is always hard transitioning and moving;  too many good-byes for now, sad for the kids to let go of most of their possessions, family and friends will be missed.  The knowledge and satisfaction that we serve a God who is good beyond our wildest imagination is the only thing that keeps you going some days.

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Anonymous said...

We are so happy for ya'll! :-). God bless and best wishes, The Quinn family